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Despite considerable effort, the graves of those listed below from the First World War have not been located. The limited information known about them is included. Any assistance you could provide in locating their burial location would be greatly appreciated.

The information within the Personal Details Section has been obtained, in the main, from individual military service files from Library and Archives Canada; these are accessible to the public.

The Possible Burial Locations were chosen based on locations of Next of Kin, notations in service records, or the place of death.

Please dial 613-992-3224 or email us at if you have found the burial location of a War Dead listed below.



BLACK, David - Sapper – Service # 2014793 – date of death 28 September 1918. He was born in Scotland in 1886. He was residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prior to enlisting in the Canadian Army on 9 September 1918. His Next of Kin was listed as his sister, Miss Bella BLACK, 2709 South 17th St., Philadelphia. He listed his religion as Presbyterian. He served with the Canadian Engineers. He died in the Military Hospital at St Jean, QC.

Philadelphia, PA


St Jean, QC

BRISTOW/BRISTO, Gordon – Private – Service # 640017 – date of death 14 October 1916. He was born in Brousville, ON, and was living in Cardinal, ON at the time of his death. He was single. His religion was Methodist. His Next of Kin was his father Henry Bristo(w). His mother was Electa (Lettie?) Ann (nee) Bellinger. A military death card indicates that his mother was living in RR No# 4 Spencerville. He died at Barriefield Camp, Kingston, Ontario (ON) while on service with the 156th Battalion. His death certificate indicates that he is buried in Edwardsburgh Township. It also lists his name as BRISTO (possibly a typographical error).

Spencerville, ON


Cardinal, ON


Edwardsburgh Township, ON

FLETCHER, Frederick John Henry – Signalman – Service # 61248 – date of death 18 May 1915. His Next of Kin was his father who was residing at 48 Gordon Ave, Verdun (Montreal), QC and his mother Mary residing at 194 Gordon Ave, Verdun. He had served with the 2nd Regiment Canadian Artillery before serving in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. He drowned when HMCS "Christine" sunk after colliding with another vessel near Quebec City, QC.

His body may not have been recovered. If it was, he may be buried in Montreal (Verdun), QC

KAYNE, George Erskine – Sergeant – Service # 457993 – date of death 7 (or 8) January 1921. He was born at Forfarshire, Scotland. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in July 1915. He listed his Next of Kin as his father, George KAYNE, residing at 8 Blackcroft, Dundee, Scotland. His religion was listed as Presbyterian. Prior to joining the Canadian Army, he served five years in the military forces of Trinidad. During his time in the Canadian Army, he served overseas in the 60th Battalion. He was discharged on 12 December 1918 at Montreal, QC. His discharge papers indicate that he intended to reside at Welbeck Lodge, Kingston, Jamaica. Records indicate that he died at Kingston, Jamaica in a Nursing Hostel, 116 East St. A Jamaica National Library obituary states that he died 8 January 1921 at age 48.

Kingston, Jamaica

LAVALLIE, Arthur Raymond – Private – Service # 1012795 – date of death 24 October 1919. He was born at Big Rapids, Michigan, USA in 1889. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in November 1916 at Vancouver, BC. He was single and his religion was recorded as Baptist or Congregational. He served with the Canadian Forestry Corps – 59th Company and 230th Battalion. He died of TB at the Ste Anne de Bellevue Hospital, QC. He listed his Next of Kin as his mother, Ida McKern, who was living in Shepley, Wisconsin. His death card provided his mother's address as Tilleda and Bowler, Wisconsin. His medals were apparently sent to his brother Clayton who was residing at RR No.1 Wayside Wisconsin.

Bowler-Shepley -Tilleda, WI


Wayside, WI


Ste Anne de Bellevue, QC

MAYBEE, Oscar W. – Sergeant – Service # 412396 – date of death 23 October 1920. He was born in Murray Township, ON in 1893. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in February 1915 in Cobourg, ON. His father, Mr. A. O. Maybee of Brighton, ON was listed as his Next of Kin. His religion was listed as Wesleyan. He served with the 39th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. He was medically discharged in Kingston, ON in January 1919. He married Gertrude Annie Farquharson in Kingston, ON on 29 March 1919. There is a memorial stone commemorating him in Mount Hope Cemetery, Brighton, ON. However, it is believed that he is buried in Jamaica. There is a note in the Jamaica Gleaner stating that he died in Standmore Hill, which is believed to be near the community of Stanmore. Malvern is another possible location.

Jamaica – Malvern or Stanmore area

MORRIS, Stephen Bratton – Private – Service # 2356653 – date of death 17 April 1920. He was born in Toronto in 1898. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in April 1918. Prior to joining the Army he resided at 320 Hastings St., Detroit, MI. His Next of Kin was listed as his mother Mary Morris who was living at 110 Clark St. Auburn, NY. His religion was Methodist. He served overseas with 2 Construction Battalion, Canadian Forestry Corps. He was discharged 18 Sep 1919. He died of TB at the Freeport Sanatorium, Kitchener, ON. At the time of death, his mother's address was either 198 Troop St or 120 Kelly St, Rochester NY. His Death Record indicates he was buried in Rochester, NY on 20 July 1920. Another reference suggests he is buried in Scottsville Cemetery, Scottsville (near Rochester), NY, USA.

Rochester, NY

OUELLETTE, Joseph O. – Private – Service # 411318 – date of death 19 August 1916. He was born in St. Leboine, QC in 1876 and enlisted in the Canadian Army on 22 October 1914. His Next of Kin was his wife, residing at 551 Bridge St., Holyoke, Massachusetts. His religion was RC. He served with the 22nd Battalion. He died at Beauport Asylum, Quebec City.

Holyoke, MA


Quebec City / Beauport, QC

ROBINSON, Thomas – Private – Service # 81750 – date of death 11 April 1919. He was born in Ireland in 1894. His mother, Mrs. Jane Robinson, was listed as his Next of Kin. Her address was Montague St, Tandragee County, Armagh, Ireland. He listed his religion as RC. He served with the 32nd, 10th and 210th Battalions. He was discharged in Winnipeg for being medically unfit. He managed to re-enlist, but was discharged once again. He died of TB in the Sanatorium at Fort Qu'Appelle, SK. The SK Division of Tuberculosis at the University of Saskatchewan records his date of death as 4 April 1919. He is believed to be buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Fort Qu'Appelle, but there is no cemetery record.

Lakeview Cemetery, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

ROSMUS, Andrew – Private – Service # 2379634 – date of death 28 December 1918. He was born in Austria in 1889. He was single and his religion was RC. He listed his Next of Kin as his father Joseph who resided at Beausejour, MB. He was serving with the Depot Battalion, Manitoba Regiment when he died. He died of influenza at St Boniface Hospital, MB. His parents are buried in St. Mary's RC Cemetery in Beausejour.

Beausejour, MB


St Boniface, MB

WALKER, George Harvey – Sapper – Service # 2013589 – date of death 2 October 1918. He was born in Cheshire, England in 1883. Prior to enlisting in the Canadian Army, he resided at 605 Florence Court W, Washington, DC. His Next of Kin was listed as his wife, Grace G. WALKER, of the same address. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in New York, 1 July 1918. His religion was Unitarian. He served with the Canadian Engineers. He died of pneumonia in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, QC.

Washington, DC


Montreal, QC (but not in Notre Dame des Neiges or Mount Royal)

WALKER, John Conway - Bombardier – Service # 1258063 – date of death 13 July 1918. He was born at Farrans Point, QC. Prior to enlistment, he resided at 165 Pleasant St, Halifax. His Next of Kin was his father, Captain John WALKER who resided at 165 Barrington St., Halifax. His religion was RC. He served with the 10th or 12th Siege Battery, Canadian Garrison Artillery. He died at the Kentville Sanatorium, NS.

Halifax, NS


Kentville, NS


Pembroke, ON

Works Projects

In addition to its cyclical inspection and maintenance programme, the Canadian Agency will initiate or continue works projects during the 2016-2017 fiscal year in the following cemeteries:

Edmonton Beechmount Cemetery, AB

Calgary Burnsland Cemetery, AB

Calgary Union Cemetery, AB

North Battleford Cemetery, SK

Moose Jaw Cemetery, SK

Winnipeg Brookside Cemetery, MB

Sarnia Lakeview Cemetery, ON

St. Thomas Cemetery, ON

London Mount Pleasant Cemetery, ON

Cambridge Mount View and Preston Cemetery, ON

Guelph Woodlawn Memorial Park, ON

Toronto Mount Pleasant Cemetery, ON

Montreal Mount Royal Cemetery, QC

Goose Bay Joint Services Cemetery, NFLD & Labrador

Victoria Memorial, Victoria Ross Bay Cemetery, BC

Edmonton Cemetery Cross of Sacrifice, AB

Edmonton Beechmount Cross of Sacrifice, AB

Calgary Burnsland Cross of Sacrifice, AB

Calgary Union Cemetery Cross of Sacrifice, AB

Ottawa Memorial (Commonwealth Air Forces), ON

Saint John Fernhill Cross of Sacrifice (new construction), NB

Halifax Memorial (Point Pleasant Park), NS

Plans are also in place to target other cemeteries and memorials in the upcoming years. Please refer to our horticultural and structural section in order to read more regarding the Agency's responsibilities and current and past projects.

Adopt-A-Grave Programme

The Adopt-A-Grave Programme was established to assist the Canadian Agency and to commemorate Commonwealth War Dead of the two world wars across North America. Local community groups, such as Scouts, Girl Guides or Cadets, are encouraged to plant flowers in front of Commonwealth headstones or conduct Remembrance Day ceremonies where cemetery regulations permit. Please contact the Canadian Agency for further details regarding the location of Commonwealth war dead in your community.

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