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Canadian Agency Chronicles 2012

Structure Work at the Halifax Memorial and the Halifax Fort Massey Cemetery Cross of Sacrifice

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During the month of September, the Halifax Memorial was cleaned and re-pointed while the bronze sword was re-bronzed. All bronze panels will be temporarily removed in 2013 in order to be properly refinished.

The Halifax Memorial is located in Point Pleasant Park and commemorates those of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve, the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve, the Canadian Merchant Navy and the Merchant Seamen of Newfoundland who have no known grave but the sea. The memorial also bears the names of those of the Canadian Army, stationed in Canada who have no known grave or who were lost at sea. The Memorial consists of a large Cross of Sacrifice erected over an octagonal podium, the faces of which bear 23 bronze panels inscribed with over 3,000 names.

Also in September, the Cross of Sacrifice in Halifax Fort Massey Cemetery was cleaned and re-pointed, and the fibreglass sword was replaced.

There are 28 Crosses of Sacrifice erected throughout the Americas, 25 of which are in Canada. Designed by another of the Commission's principal architects, Sir Reginald Blomfield, these are finely proportioned granite crosses with a symbolic bronze sword.

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Brigadier General (Ret'd) the Reverend Doctor David C. Kettle is appointed Honorary Chaplain to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Padre Dave Kettle has been appointed as Honorary Chaplain to the Commission. He will act as a point of contact for clergy and other religious leaders throughout the world who wish to know more about the Commission and its mission. Padre Kettle will be available to advise on appropriate commemorative ceremonies at the Commission's sites by groups or individuals who may be unfamiliar with commemorative protocol but who wish to conduct a ceremony. He will provide ceremonial advice and officiate where appropriate, and will make recommendations to religious leaders for input to annual commemorative events such as Remembrance Sunday and for special commemorative events held during the forthcoming WW1 Centenary.

Padre Dave Kettle was born and educated in Toronto, Canada. He joined the Canadian Forces as a chaplain in 1981 and served at various forces bases, ultimately reaching the rank of Brigadier General and appointed Chaplain General to the Canadian Forces.

Padre Kettle has served in international missions in Croatia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Afghanistan and in 2000 received the Head of the Public Service award for his work on the Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Project which oversaw the transfer of the remains of the Unknown Soldier from the Canadian Vimy Memorial, France to the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

In 2009 Knox College conferred on Padre Kettle a Doctor of Divinity Degree for significant contributions in ministry and in 2010 he was appointed, with the rank of Commander, to the Order of Military Merit. A year later he was appointed as a member of the Order of St. John and has served as the Dean of the Order in Canada.

Padre Kettle retired from the Canadian Forces in 2011 and joined the Canadian Agency of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as an Inspecting Officer in January of that year. He is married, with one son and lives in Canada.

Padre David Kettle's contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 613-992-3224


The 51st Dominion Convention of the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada

The Canadian Agency's Deputy Secretary-General participated in the 51st Dominion Convention to be held in Winnipeg from 22 to 26 September 2012 ( He presented the new responsibilities of the Canadian Agency within the Americas (including the Caribbean) to the delegates on Monday, 24 September 2012.

The 44th Dominion Convention of the Royal Canadian Legion

The Canadian Agency's Deputy Secretary-General participated in the 44th Dominion Convention held in Halifax from 9 to 13 June 2012 ( He delivered a speech on 11 June to the delegates.

The 2012 Annual Conference of the Quebec Roman Catholic Cemetery Association

The Canadian Agency's Records Manager & Administrator, the Financial Administrator & Inspector and Deputy Secretary-General participated in the Quebec Roman Catholic Cemetery Association annual conference held in Montreal from 23 to 25 May 2012 ( - French website only). Their presentation explained the Commission's responsibilities towards the War Dead of both world wars commemorated in Canada with an emphasis on those commemorated in Quebec. They also staffed the Commission information booth, informed delegates about its mandate and distributed publications and the Commission's DVD.

ANZAC DAY - 25 April 2012

The Canadian Agency's Deputy Secretary-General laid a wreath during the ANZAC Day Ceremony held at the Canadian War Museum on 25 April 2012. The ceremony commemorates the Australians, New Zealanders and Newfoundlanders who participated in the Dardanelles Campaign from 1915 to 1916 in Turkey.

The Re-Installation of the Four Bronze Panels of the Ottawa Memorial


The four bronze panels of the Ottawa Memorial were re-installed on the two curved limestone walls on 12 April 2012.

The Ottawa Memorial commemorates over 790 Commonwealth men and women. It is located on Green Island north of Sussex Drive. The main feature is a sculptured terrestrial globe in bronze on a base formed by three bronze beavers rising from the centre of an ornamental pool. Two curved limestone walls, facing inwards towards the globe, bear panels on which the names are engraved. The names are those of the members of the Air Forces of the Commonwealth, including civilian aircrew of Ferry Command, who lost their lives while serving in units operating from bases in Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean, or while training in Canada and the USA, and who have no known grave or whose grave is classified as not accessible or maintainable.

Battle of Vimy Ridge Day at the Canadian War Museum

Canadian Agency staff participated at the Canadian War Museum's Battle of Vimy Ridge Day which was held on Easter Monday (9 April 2012); it was the 95th anniversary of the First World War battle. The staff informed the public of the Commission's mandate worldwide with an emphasis of our work in the Americas and distributed our publications.


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